24 april 2016 Cleaning your body

Cleaning your body inside out/outside in
Sunday April 24 Vorden

Taking good care of your body starts with awareness:

  • Awareness of what your body really needs
  • Awareness of what your mind really wants (and why)
  • Awareness of what food is good for you

This day will be about cleaning your body through detoxing, better food and enhancing your metabolism by herbs, yoga practice and massage. And about raising your awareness on what makes you eat!

For people who want to lose weight, get more energy, feel clean or are simply interested in Ayurvedic medicine and food and who want more insight in their own eating patterns. 


  • Participants receive two questionnaires beforehand (medical intake, psychological test on eating pattern)
  • People can book separate consult with Dr Ravindra from 20-23 in Amsterdam or 23-24 in Vorden, and afterwards in Amsterdam in Monday 25 April.

ARFO LR 2015 10 14 Werkcongres SCC-186 - versie 2Preliminary programme 10.30-19.30, 6-9 people

10.00     Welcome

10.30     Introduction

Henriëtte van den Heuvel
Dr Ravindra on ayurvedic health: with a focus on food, body and weig

ravindra11.00     Yoga exercises for the metabolism

Dr Ravindra

11.30     Parallel programme

Consult or therapy                    Dr Ravindra Gangwani
Psychological consult               Dr. Henriette van den Heuvel
Part of the group:
Ayurvedic nutrition                   Dr Jayashri Gangwani
Meditation, walking or hanging out

13.00    Light lunchJayeshri

13.45     Parallelprogramme (continued)

15.15     Tea

15.30    Parallelprogramme (continued)

17.00    Rounding up Dr Ravindra & Henriëtte

17.30     Ayurvedic meal with Dr Jayashri Gangwani
Price: 120,00 €, including drinks, lunch and dinner